Our Mission

BioMARC’s mission is to serve CSU’s needs in research, service, and the translation of new discoveries into products to impact the world at large.   BioMARC will leverage the renowned CSU research expertise within the Infectious Disease Research Center and the greater CSU community, together with strategic partnerships to accelerate the development, manufacturing and commercialization of biologic products, from the bench to the bedside. BioMARC will implement the highest quality and regulatory standards in all phases of product development and cGMP manufacturing processes, including pre-clinical, clinical (Phase I-III) and commercial level manufacturing to accomplish this mission well aligned to CSU’s objectives in public service, economic development, and positive global impact.


Vision – Innovation in biologics manufacturing

To empower (bio)pharmaceutical organizations to help people live life to its greatest potential by providing a platform for biopharmaceutical product discovery, development, GMP manufacturing, and product lifecycle support, leading to the commercialization of innovative biologic products.


Contact Information

Dennis Pierro, PhD                                                     
(970) 491-8954