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BioMARC Values

BioMARC has built its value system around three pillars, or standards (quality, service, and commitment) in which we hold ourselves accountable to; on behalf of our clients and the customers they serve.

  • Quality:  BioMARC is committed to providing the highest quality results and products to its clients.  Read more...We continually strive not only to provide the highest level of quality, but to anticipate improvements and variations of the complete product manufacturing lifecycle to meet the needs of our customers. This enables us to have a two-prong internal quality check system for both the continuous manufacturing of existing products and production of next-generation processes.  Given the nature of our industry in manufacturing high containment biologics, BioMARC has multiple levels of Quality Control and Quality Assurance programs in place in order to exceed the regulation requirements of the FDA, CDC, and the EU GMP.
  • Service: BioMARC understands the importance of top notch service when it comes to GMP biologics manufacturing.  We accomplish this through providing state of the art manufacturing facilities that meet global regulative requirements and through the utilization of the latest available production technologies.  It does not stop there; we also treat every client as a partner through offering them a higher level of service than would normally be expected in manufacturing biologics.  In order to dedicate the highest level of service to our clients BioMARC has created a Preferred Partnership Program that will be accessible to every specialty clientele.  This will allow our industry partners to take full advantage of the facilities, specialized equipment, and highly experienced and qualified personnel as well as add an increased level of project continuity, synergy, and value between the many phases of a product’s manufacturing life cycle.  Our Preferred Partnership Program will help our clients realize an overall savings through the dedicated services available to them and helping to decrease the added costs related to the many uncertainties common in biologics manufacturing.
  • Commitment: We are passionate about working in the high containment biologics field and solving complex manufacturing and product development needs. We are intensely focused on serving our clients and helping them achieve their business objectives and in turn meet their obligations to the clients they serve. We are committed to creating value not just in the services we provide but also the highest quality product and processes that we can achieve.

Within these three pillars are the qualities that BioMARC focuses on in order to achieve these standards.

Advancement: We are mindful of the status quo but seek to lead by example through innovation. By having the fortitude to take smart risks and seeking continuous improvement in the specialized, high containment biologics commercial manufacturing industry, BioMARC is setting a new standard for high quality cGMP in our field.

Be Determined:  Quit only after the goal has been met.

Be Ethical: BioMARC considers strong ethical principles to be a necessary and integral part of scientific research and commercial manufacturing of biological agents. When creating something for human or animal consumption working within a strict moral and ethical code is the only direction we will go.  Sometimes this means making hard choices that may cost BioMARC more in terms of time and resources but achieves the end goal for the customers waiting for a much needed product.

Be Science-Base: Science is a fact based practice that contains elements considered value based in nature. We combine the value of reliability, precision, testability, and accuracy combined with technological advancement, accountable decision making, Innovation, and novelty in biologic manufacturing to lead the way toward future advancement in science. 


Collaboration:  We are committed to sharing our knowledge and collaborating as a team to reach common goals. Having been born from a renowned research institution such as Colorado State University we know that answers to our greatest problems can come from many varied venues and are committed to find the right answer by working our peers and listening to new perspectives to drive innovation.

Continuous improvement: The manufacturing and production of biologics for human consumption is a complex, intricate and resource-intense process. Going the extra distance to get the very best results, applying the highest standards to all that we do and constantly seeking new ways to improve processes and efficiencies is our dedication to continuous improvement. We value and reward smart, fast action that gets meaningful results while constantly evaluating our quality assurance manufacturing processes in order to find new and innovative ways to improve efficiency and results. Based on new industry practices an example of this is our move toward using disposable bioreactors to lessen contamination and improve efficiency.

Create Value for Sponsors and Staff:  Everything that we do at BioMARC is mindful of our staff, clients, their customers and the mission of Colorado State University. Creating value is achieved through providing the best atmosphere in which to work and producing the highest quality products that we can be proud of.

Ensure Quality: Quality is not just found in our people but also in our facilities, equipment, practices, and products we produce.   It is the foundation in all that we do at BioMARC and our clients can expect nothing less.

Integrity: BioMARC places integrity among one of our most valued traits. It serves as the foundation for running a highly complicated biologics manufacturing process where maintaining consistency in actions, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes are critical to our success.

People + Passion: Our success is enabled through our people.  It is their experience, desire, dedication and passion that results in high quality results for our clients.

Responsibility:  It is our responsibility to maintain the highest standards in the quality of manufacturing biologic products as well as understanding our impact in the community, to the environmental, and all stakeholders. Taking an active role in collective responsibility in all that we do at BioMARC and thereby setting the standard for others to strive for.

Strive for excellence:  Everyone at BioMARC is committed to excellence in everything we do from the smallest to the most complicated tasks; our clients’ should expect nothing less.


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